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This fast-moving DVD probes the reaches of space, revealing the awesome power of our Creator.

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Featuring the acclaimed Creation Museum planetarium program designed by astrophysicist Jason Lisle, it reveals amazing facts about our universe while exalting God as creator. Using state-of-the-art animation, viewers are taken on a journey beyond our solar system to the edge of the known universe. Created Cosmos , will take you thousands of light-years between billions of planets, stars, nebulae, and galaxies to discover the magnitude of our universe and of its Creator. Distant starlight, uniformitarianism and other theories have all been used to 'prove' the big bang theory; but author Dr.

Jason Lisle and the team at Answers in Genesis have accumulated both new and old evidence to show that such theories don't disprove the Genesis account at all!

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Taking an aggressive approach, they go through the myriads of astronomical phenomenon that in fact could only be explained by the presence of a divine creator. Many full color photographs and easy to understand text will capture the attention of any child, teen or adult. Explore the universe from a biblical perspective with this fun, full-color student astronomy book.

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Hands-on experiments and fascinating, informative lessons will engage kids in learning about the astronomical discoveries of scientists in history, the creation of the telescope, the history of flight, and more. Softcover with glossary. Join astronaut Irwin for the ultimate adventure! As much a spiritual journey for Irwin as a scientific undertaking, his trip to the moon made history. In this vivid memoir, he recounts his boyhood, work as a test pilot, survival of a near-fatal crash, astronaut training, and his once-in-a-lifetime mission to Earth's satellite where God's loving presence filled the lunar landscape.

Ages 10 to Do the latest scientific findings support the argument for a created cosmos? Creationist astronomer Faulkner says yes! Looking at recent and historical developments in cosmology from a biblical perspective, he reviews theories on the universe's origin; analyzes the contributions of Ptolemy, Galileo, Newton, Einstein, and others; offers a thorough discussion of the big bang theory; and more. A superb supplement to an upper-level science curriculum. Includes study questions. You can unsubscribe at any time. Enter email address. Welcome to Christianbook. Sign in or create an account.

Three of our Ambassadors were recently interviewed and shared with us "In Their Own Words", how the program has helped them with their outreach efforts. Over four years, we are developing a set of embedded assessment strategies and professional development to support research scientists in effectively communicating science to the public. Developed in for the International Year of Astronomy, the Galileoscope has become the centerpiece for teaching about telescopes in many programs.

As a key component of the Galileo Teacher Training Program, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific engaged hundreds of educators in professional development related to telescopes and the Galileoscope. Amateur Astronomers. Night Sky Network. My Sky Tonight.

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Sandra Liss. Print Save as PDF. Ready Jet Go! Space Explorer Super cool to see real sky, yet astronomy info only scratches surface. Grades: K—4 Price: Free. Get it now. Grades: K—6 Price: 2. Arloon Solar System Interactive 3-D tool lets kids discover and explore the solar system. Britannica Kids: Solar System Blast off to learning with articles, puzzles, games, and more.

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Space by Tinybop Zoom into our solar system, solve mysteries with open-ended play. Grades: 2—12 Price: Free.

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Solar System Explorer Visit and explore this beautiful, vast handheld planetarium. Grades: 2—12 Price: Free, Paid.

Star Walk - Astronomy Guide

Grades: 3—8 Price: Free. See full review.

Grades: 3—12 Price: Free. Sky Guide Awesome astronomy app takes students on a journey through the universe. Star Chart Powerful pocket-sized map of the universe delights. Grades: 5—12 Price: Free. Visit website See full review. Sky Map Encourage planetary appreciation with fab free app. Galaxy Zoo Citizen science site involves, inspires budding astronomers.

Grades: 6— Mobile Observatory Impressive tool for stargazing and identifying objects in the sky. Grades: 6—12 Price: Free. Planet Mechanic Mini-solar system sandbox lets kids play with planets. Grades: 6—12 Price: Paid Also available on the Amplify tablet.