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Event description. The Pilgrimage is a two-day mindful motorcycle ride for women on Vancouver Island, B. Read more Read less.

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The Pilgrimage - Novel by Paulo Coelho (paperback)

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TravelOutdoor Networking. It is all mesmerizingly monotonous, an elixir that creates the mental space to go who knows where. Walking hours a day, even when mostly level, is not quite a stroll in the park. The pilgrim not only accepts but tries to welcome its demands - to recognize that hard work and reflection have their well won rewards.

The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho

In Spain, we are perigrinos. In France, pelerins. Pilgrims everywhere, who walk the Camino for diverse reasons: for some it is religious, for others spiritual; for some it is to heal from a loss or illness, or misfortune; or a transition in their lives or work; families walk to bring them close; artists of all types walk to find a voice that eludes them, to seek their muse; some search for self-acceptance, an elusive yet essential state of mind; and for some, it is like the American Appalachian trail, a glorious adventure.

The last stretch of each day is always a stretch.

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But that's the point. The body resists and the mind ain't far behind. The back and knees feel it, and the straps of the rucksack are making a shallow trench in your shoulders.

The Pilgrim's Progress - The Movie - A Must Watch

If you are unlucky, a toe or heel blister pings you with every other step or tendinitis burns your shin. And it's been a couple of hours since almuerzo lunch - typically cheese, nuts, bread and fruit purchased early that morning at a tienda and there are a couple hours, or more, until the day's destination. Every day is unprecedented and uncertain, as is the paradox of our quotidian lives. But the Camino is different: the ultimate destination is clear - for the day or for fullness of " The Way ", as the pilgrimage has been called.

Yet the path to your destination takes many unexpected turns, some of our doing and some for reasons we cannot know. We can learn from every new turn, if we pay attention. The evenings are for recovery, local exploration and red wine. Families frequent the town squares, and children run and play.

Sometimes there is the companionship of fellow pilgrims. Solitude is fine too, if that suits you. I would have been unable to do the Camino this October were it not for my being a patient again. I had barely been able to climb subway stairs and was enervated in the way pain can steal life's force away. When I saw no progress from ibuprofen, physical therapy, and time I consulted my medical friends in Santa Monica, one of two places in this country where a unique treatment, Regenokine, is offered for more information, including the cost, see my Atlantic.

Yet I knew these doctors were always prudent in their estimation of whether the treatment would help, or not.

The Pilgrimage - Wikipedia

My MRI had shown a herniated disc and an abundance of arthritic changes. Both foster inflammation - and its attendant swelling and pain. Persistent chronic inflammation is the enemy. My disc was going to have a hard time receding with the continuing inflammation it had not ruptured so it could reduce inside the disc space and my back just hurt too much to bear even a light day pack and 7 long days on a trail - even mercifully one with few hills.

Two weeks before our scheduled flight to Spain I completed a five day Regenokine treatment in Santa Monica. Counting the local anesthetic injections, I had about 80 shots in all, bathing layers of tissue up and down both sides of the affected disc with a highly-concentrated solution of my own anti-inflammatory proteins, taken on day 1 of the treatment by blood draw and substantially replicated overnight. I returned the next day to continue.

After another week, I felt ready to walk the Camino. The Camino would be a true test that would defeat any potential placebo response, and one I was going to try.